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Collapse Fraud and Abuse AnswersFraud and Abuse Answers
Expand Academic Medical CentersAcademic Medical Centers
Expand Advisory Opinion ProceduresAdvisory Opinion Procedures
Expand Ambulance Suppliers Model Compliance PlanAmbulance Suppliers Model Compliance Plan
Expand AmbulancesAmbulances
Expand Ambulatory Surgical CentersAmbulatory Surgical Centers
Expand Anti-Kickback Advisory Opinion SummariesAnti-Kickback Advisory Opinion Summaries
Expand Anti-Kickback StatuteAnti-Kickback Statute
Expand AppealsAppeals
Expand Audits and Internal InvestigationsAudits and Internal Investigations
Expand Balanced Budget Act of 1997Balanced Budget Act of 1997
Expand Billing Company Model Compliance PlanBilling Company Model Compliance Plan
Expand Billing ServicesBilling Services
Expand Boutique PracticesBoutique Practices
Expand Carriers - OverviewCarriers - Overview
Expand Centers for Medicare and Medicaid ServicesCenters for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Expand Civil Money PenaltiesCivil Money Penalties
Expand Clinical Lab Model Compliance PlanClinical Lab Model Compliance Plan
Expand Clinical Lab ServicesClinical Lab Services
Expand Coinsurance and DeductiblesCoinsurance and Deductibles
Expand Compensation and RemunerationCompensation and Remuneration
Expand Cooperative Hospital Service OrganizationsCooperative Hospital Service Organizations
Expand Corporate Integrity AgreementsCorporate Integrity Agreements
Expand Criminal PenaltiesCriminal Penalties
Expand Diagnostic TestsDiagnostic Tests
Expand DiscountsDiscounts
Expand DME Model Compliance PlanDME Model Compliance Plan
Expand DRG 72-Hour WindowDRG 72-Hour Window
Expand DrugsDrugs
Expand Durable Medical EquipmentDurable Medical Equipment
Expand Electronic Health SystemsElectronic Health Systems
Expand Employment and EmployeesEmployment and Employees
Expand EntityEntity
Expand Equipment RentalEquipment Rental
Expand ExceptionsExceptions
Expand ExclusionExclusion
Expand Fair Market ValueFair Market Value
Expand False Claims ActFalse Claims Act
Expand False StatementsFalse Statements
Expand Family-Household MembersFamily-Household Members
Expand Federally Qualified Health CentersFederally Qualified Health Centers
Expand Fraud AlertsFraud Alerts
Expand Fraud and Abuse Control ProgramFraud and Abuse Control Program
Expand Fringe Benefits, Gifts and PerksFringe Benefits, Gifts and Perks
Expand Gainsharing ArrangementsGainsharing Arrangements
Expand Group PracticeGroup Practice
Expand Group Purchasing OrganizationsGroup Purchasing Organizations
Expand Health PlansHealth Plans
Expand HHA Model Compliance PlanHHA Model Compliance Plan
Expand Home Health AgenciesHome Health Agencies
Expand Hospice Model Compliance PlanHospice Model Compliance Plan
Expand HospicesHospices
Expand Hospital Model Compliance PlanHospital Model Compliance Plan
Expand Incident-to ServicesIncident-to Services
Expand In-Office Ancillary ServicesIn-Office Ancillary Services
Expand Inpatient Hospital ServicesInpatient Hospital Services
Expand Intermediaries - OverviewIntermediaries - Overview
Expand Investment and OwnershipInvestment and Ownership
Expand Joint VenturesJoint Ventures
Expand Justice DepartmentJustice Department
Expand Malpractice Insurance SubsidiesMalpractice Insurance Subsidies
Expand Managed Care Model Compliance PlanManaged Care Model Compliance Plan
Expand Medicaid Fraud Control UnitsMedicaid Fraud Control Units
Expand Medicaid OverviewMedicaid Overview
Expand Medical SpecialtiesMedical Specialties
Expand Medicare Administrative Contractors - OverviewMedicare Administrative Contractors - Overview
Expand Medicare Contractor Role in Fraud EnforcementMedicare Contractor Role in Fraud Enforcement
Expand Medicare Integrity ProgramMedicare Integrity Program
Expand Medicare OverviewMedicare Overview
Expand Mental Health ServicesMental Health Services
Expand Non-designated Health ServicesNon-designated Health Services
Expand Nursing FacilitiesNursing Facilities
Expand Nursing Home Model Compliance PlanNursing Home Model Compliance Plan
Expand Office of the Inspector GeneralOffice of the Inspector General
Expand OIG Investigation ProceduresOIG Investigation Procedures
Expand OIG Model Compliance PlanOIG Model Compliance Plan
Expand OIG Work PlanOIG Work Plan
Expand OIG Special Advisory BulletinsOIG Special Advisory Bulletins
Expand Operation Restore TrustOperation Restore Trust
Expand Outpatient Hospital ServicesOutpatient Hospital Services
Expand OverpaymentsOverpayments
Expand PATH Physcians at Teaching HospitalsPATH Physcians at Teaching Hospitals
Expand Patient Anti-Dumping StatutePatient Anti-Dumping Statute
Expand Payments for Items and ServicesPayments for Items and Services
Expand Personal ServicesPersonal Services
Expand Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Model Compliance PlanPharmaceutical Manufacturers Model Compliance Plan
Expand Physician Practice Model Compliance PlanPhysician Practice Model Compliance Plan
Expand PhysiciansPhysicians
Expand Practitioner RecruitmentPractitioner Recruitment
Expand Preventive Tests, Immunizations and VaccinesPreventive Tests, Immunizations and Vaccines
Expand Price Reductions Offered to Eligible Managed Care OrganizationsPrice Reductions Offered to Eligible Managed Care Organizations
Expand Professional CourtesyProfessional Courtesy
Expand Program Safeguard Contractors - OverviewProgram Safeguard Contractors - Overview
Expand Quality Improvement OrganizationsQuality Improvement Organizations
Expand Radiological ServicesRadiological Services
Expand Recovery Audit Contractors - OverviewRecovery Audit Contractors - Overview
Expand Red Flag RulesRed Flag Rules
Expand ReferralsReferrals
Expand RewardsRewards
Expand Safe HarborsSafe Harbors
Expand Sales, Mergers and AcquisitionsSales, Mergers and Acquisitions
Expand Sarbanes-Oxley ActSarbanes-Oxley Act
Expand Space RentalSpace Rental
Expand Specialty Service Referral ArrangementsSpecialty Service Referral Arrangements
Expand Stark Advisory OpinionsStark Advisory Opinions
Expand Stark Physcian Self-ReferralStark Physcian Self-Referral
Expand Supervision RequirementsSupervision Requirements
Expand Surety BondsSurety Bonds
Expand Therapeutic ServicesTherapeutic Services
Expand TrainingTraining
Expand UnbundlingUnbundling
Expand UpcodingUpcoding
Expand Voluntary Disclosure ProgramVoluntary Disclosure Program
Expand WarrantiesWarranties
Expand Whistleblower LawsuitsWhistleblower Lawsuits
Expand AppendicesAppendices
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