About Us

Fraud & Abuse Answers is a comprehensive plain-English online guide to health care fraud and abuse laws, regulations, government initiatives and compliance practices. From OIG advisory opinions and model compliance plans through the Stark regulations on physician self-referral, the 118+ sections of the Fraud & Abuse Answer Book are organized into an easy-to-follow A-to-Z format and accessible by keyword search.

Fraud & Abuse Answers is the successor to the Fraud & Abuse Answer Book, launched by DecisionHealth in March 1999. Other DecisionHealth services providing news and guidance on compliance with Medicare rules include Part B News, Medical Practice Compliance Alert, Part B Answers, Anesthesia & Pain Answers, Pain Management Answers and Coding Answers.

At DecisionHealth, the only person we work for is you, the provider. We are not affiliated with any special interest groups, nor owned by any entity with a conflicting stake in the healthcare industry. Since 1986, we’ve been independently watching out for the financial health of healthcare providers, and we’ll be there for you and your peers for the next 25 years.